Home monitoring

The new thermometer! With our versatile new sensors, we will make a user-friendly device for home monitoring.This device will be a must-have for everyone with children or chronically sick people in the house.

Also elderly should have one at hand. For example, by monitoring older people and having the data sent to a physician, we can prevent unnecessary hospitalization or critical conditions by early warnings from the device.This will make the health service more effective and potentially save society a lot of money.

Our Chief Medical Officer, Are Løset, gets many calls from anxious parents with an ill child. And what are needs the most in these situations are the vital signs of the child. Trying to have the parents count and monitor the vital signs is not a good solution because it is challenging, and untrained medics will not get it right.If the parents have had our device to monitor the vital signs, Are could have better assessed the child and given the best advice after that.In many cases are sends the child to the hospital unnecessary.