LiSa Life Saver By Nordiq Products

Makes saving
lives easier.

A robust and ultra-portable vital signs
monitor for any operational environment

Respiration rate

Pulse rate

Airway patency

Blood oxygen saturation 

Body temperature

Skin color calibration

With our unique optical sensor, we will automatically calibrate the sensor to the patient's skin tone. This process will only take a few seconds when you turn the device on.


The device will utilize the newest communication technologies to make it compatible with whatever system you need to integrate against.

Sensor fusion

By using different sensors to monitor the same vital sign will make the results more reliable and robust. Sensors have their weaknesses; we use two separate sensors to monitor the same vital sign.

A well-known challenge

One of the founders of Nordiq Products has experienced losing a patient due to a lack of control of the vital signs. This situation led him to start Nordiq Products to develop a solution to the problem.

Nordiq products have developed sensor technology that monitors a patient when having control over vital signs is essential to prevent death. The idea started as a lightweight, ultra-portable device that would be easy to use in any situation and operational environment.


Our technology makes first aid work easier. We reduce the stress for medical personnel by continuous monitoring of the vital signs. And we reduce the need for extra human resources and save the personnel valuable time to focus on other important tasks, rather than repeatedly checking the vital signs.

For inexperienced first responders, checking vital signs and continuously keeping them under control is challenging. And if the situation is chaotic and the weather conditions are bad, it is almost impossible. However, with our device, you have the vital signs under control in any situation and environmental condition.

Preventable deaths


32% Potential Preventable deaths
8,1% definitely preventable
Most common reasons:
Delay in treatment
Treatment errors: Airway and Hemorrhage


1,3M traffic deaths each year alone
416 000 potentially preventable


LiSa could potentially help in 50% of these cases
200 000 lives saved in traffic accidents alone

Referanser: Are Pre-hospital Trauma Deaths Preventable? A Systematic Literature Review Road traffic injuries

Map of opportunity

Potential market for our technology

Blood oxygen

Airway patency

Body temperature

Respiration rate

Pulse rate

Our tech Secure vital signs

Nordiq Products has developed two groundbreaking sensors that deliver excellent quality vital signs data. Through sensor fusion we can deliver accurate and robust data to the end user.

We reduce the stress level

The LiSa device will enable medical personnel and even non-professionals to monitor vital signs in the field. Having a device like this essentially gives the medic an extra set of ears, eyes and arms, adding confidence, control and capacity to a critical situation. We will do so by providing a fairly priced, simple, usable and robust device that allows for mass adaption.

- It is manual
- is
time consuming
- It
requires full attention
- It requires
experience and skills
- It takes up
human resources
- It is often
down prioritized because of its complexity

Map of opportunity

The Team

Mats Hetling

Founder & Chief executive Officer

Officer in the Norwegian Armed Forces
Regional manager at Fonn AS

Lise Randeberg

Co-founder & head of science & tech

Professor, Biomedical Optics
and Photonics at NTNU
President of Tekna

MD Are Løset

Chief Medical Officer

CEO, Granåsen Private practice
Specialist in general medicine
Former doctor in norwegian special operation command
Medical and Academic director at Offshore health Services

Eirik Sandal

Co-founder & Chief Technology Officer

Bachelor of Business Administration Consultant at Evry
Co-founder at El-Fly AS
Angel investor

Emil Asbjørnslett

Co-founder & Chief Financial Officer

CEO & founder of Heat Experience

MD Robert Ditlefsen

Co-founder &
Medical advisor

Doctor at Norwegian Armed Forces
Resident doctor at Sykehuset Innlandet, Department of anesthesia and intensive care